Tuesday, 5 July 2016

GDPR and the New World Order

 GDPR and the New World Order

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is a new standard for data protection throughout the EU. It is designed to have a set standard. So countries can have assurance that the personal data will be managed in the same way no matter what country you’re in the EU.
With the UK going off on it merry way and currently using the Data Protection act, which was based on the original EU standard data protection regulations.
So this far No Change is needed until 2018 or the completion of Brexit.

The New World Order(The First Order)
As the rest of the EU goes it own way. it
will be introducing the GDPR in May 2018
So, for the uk and the rest of the world in order to trade in services with the EU
It will become necessary to apply the GDPR or Have some form of
matching policies and regulations to be compliant with
the EU.
What does it mean to your business

Your business will continue as usual but to be competitive we will be necessary to adopt the GDPR as it will give your business a chance to be compliant with the new EU regulations even though we are out of the EU but need to continue to trade with it. There   may be changes you need to introduce to meet the regulations but if your using the Current DPA legislation it will be a few changes and take staff to be updated with the new rules.For other countries who wish to trade they will also need to have a reciprocal set of rules that match the GDPR. This will mean things like client information will need to be stored in a certain manor and the processing of the information will need to match too.         

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