Cyber Essentials scheme

AS of the 5th June 2014, HM Government have launched the Cyber Essentials Scheme. The Cyber Essentials is a new Government-backed and Industry supported scheme to guide organisations from the small SME to the Enterprise level company.

Cyber Essentials is designed to help businesses protect themselves by introducing controls to reduce the risk and protect from the most common Cyber Threats.
It focuses on basic Cyber hygiene and clarifies good practices that will help reduce the risk of contamination or being hacked.

 The Scheme offers Badges for certification Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials plus.

The Cyber Essentials requires companies to carry out a self assessment   

The Cyber Essentials Plus undergo Independent test to their systems carried out by certified bodies.

Both awards are intended to show businesses whatever size have reached a certain level of Cyber security which can give other Companies and Stakeholders, also Investors reassurance they take the Cyber Threat seriously.

At Northwest Cybersecurity we can assist and help your business through the process and get your business ready to go for certification. We will explain the information in the self assessment process for the non-techies and business without any tech support. 

Any questions contact Iain at Northwest Cybersecurity on Tel 07845164174or