Awareness and Compliance

Compliance and awareness                                                       

As a small business or sole trader you normally are running around with various hats, e.g. sales rep, manager, PR and H&S plus many more. While doing all these roles sometime information and data aren’t realised as one of the main things that keep a business going. In the current climate with cloud computing and social media, technology advances in hardware, business owners and managers can be in a constant state of confusion and bewilderment.

This is where and external head can ease the madness and it and information security consultants’ can come into their own with sensible and independent for the SMB’s.The question is for SMB owners and management are you aware or the regulations and what is meant by compliance, if not your business can suffer from lack of knowledge.

But cannot plead ignorance as all the regulations are available in various forms.
Compliance with the regulations is mandatory, like the data protection act, the computer misuse act, the Trade Description Act etc. Some of these are industry specific and if not complied with can lead to fines or even in the case of the Health & safety Act lead to criminal convictions and prison.
Therefore it is beneficial to small businesses to be aware of them even if they may not understand them. That is where a consultant can advise them.

Breaches of the data protection can be costly to companies, both in fines and the loss of credibility could break a business.So business owners don’t be confuddled. Seek advice and help to introduce policies that will lead to compliance and thus reduce risks.