2012 and the Cyberthreat a hard year ahead

The following information was extracted for
an artical by Ken Dunham
a Fellow of the ISSA US Chapter.

The Cyberthreat is a world wide fact and does not discriminate with the size of business your running.

Some threats:

Duqu – is a dirty cousin of the stuxnet virus which highlights the international cyberwarefare and espionage still going on between different countries.  

Zues – a theat to the financial services sector this continues to plague business and its counterpart Zitmofor mobile devices.

Zeroaccess – is a rootkit virus with increased stealth and tripwires for it own protection

Facebook still continues to have its attacks from various criminal organisations and other hacker groups.
These are only a few of the threats and its a case of when and not if i will be hacked or have a security issue from malware or virus.

There are a lot of cybercriminals out there but be assured there are also alot of cyber cops who are trawling the net and working hard against the criminal/hackers.
But they do also need your help as in introducing a Cyberthreat assessment and keeping your software up to date and patches when released .

2012 has lots of events ahead like the Olympics and the Euro championships, so the scrams will be starting therefore the need for a security of your information and vigilance will be a good start

In addition  staff awareness and a contingence plan will also help.