2012 Events Can your Business Cope.

Can Your Business Cope

2012 is an eventful year for the UK and Northern Ireland with the Queens jubilee and the Olympics, with these events there are opportunities for the scammers and hacker to make gains from unsuspecting people and businesses. Also the events can increase pressures for businesses in relation to staff and technical demands 

Scam and Malware                                                  

Email scam looking to gather personal information and business information, Man in the Middle acts when staff are browsing site in relation to events as these can host malware when u click on the sites.

Fraud as in sites offering services and so called special deals.

Then use the motto “it’s too good to be true” and click away from it.

Technical Issues.

These can be anything from requiring a new part/ equipment sent from a supplier and can be delayed due to traffic and demands for equipment possibly.

Bandwidth for internet connections will be reduced because demand by media and public viewers online. This can cause delays on data transfer download speeds slowly up, wifi signals getting over run.

Manning and Traffic.

With more traffic on the streets of London and the special Olympic lanes this can cause delays for staff coming to work. Train overcrowding with day trippers to see events.

So how will you cope when staff in larger numbers, do not turn up for shifts and days. The infamous sickie or duvet day to watch the sports they like.

When at work your staff could be using the internet to keep up with all that is happening and watching event live so reducing productivity over the Olympic period.

Global Terrorism and Activists.  

With such a larger public event the temptation to all sorts of terrorist groups make London and various other locations a nice target to attack for publicity.To minimise the risks, the government have over 13,500 troops and spending £553 to protect events.
Also we must not forget last summer the riots that hit London and Manchester and other places.


So with all that could go wrong you may think what is the point of working during the Olympics, it’s the little customer who hates sports and wanted that service you’re offering or part you supply, and maybe those 500,000 toilets rolls ordered by the Olympic stadium that they need for the closing event.

Yes we need to keep work and planning is the key, planning your staff to be at work when they can possibly by a minor incentive for attendance during the period.

Making sure your backups are all working and have been checked and set for regular backups.
Planning any major tasks that may need to be completed outside normal hours.