Mobile Security

 Broadcasting your details

Even with all the court issues between Apple and Samsung, whatever device you use will still need some form of security. 
From Iphone to Ipad or Galaxy to Galaxy Note, your device will have a signature where ever you go as the device will try for a WIFI network thus leaving a list of IP addresses as you go.

During that time, anyone on the wifi network you are in can download malicious code to your device also have a valuable device will attract attention from unwanted admirers.

General tips to avoid losing it or having it 'jacked' as they say.

Lock you device- using a simple password may be sufficient and setting the lock to activate after a few minutes of inactivity will be a start.

Voice mail- With phones you should also set a password for your voice mail as the papers proved it can be accessed from almost anywhere using a simple technique. This was published in the press and shown on television, so to protect your business info left on voice mail, set a password. just to let you know it is a criminal offence as 'The Sun staff' know. 

Update- don’t forget to let your updates keep coming as they always help with little bits of code security.

Wifi – It is now available nearly everywhere so switch it off unless needed.  As your device will always try to connect to a network when on and you don’t now who is on any network until too late.

Anti-Virus – always have one installed on your device. Don’t forget to get your IT department to secure it if company phone/device.

Segregate your profile – if you use your own device for work it would be advised to have a work profile and personal profile to isolate the information on device.

GPS – when not required switch it off as it leave a trace of your locations, showing off like using Foursquare or Facebook locations this can be shown to set a pattern and affect personal security.

Apps – not in use switch apps off as a lot of apps use up power and access address book and other systems setting.  

Social media – if using a company device don’t be adding people unless for business needs. SMS message too can carry malicious software too so the random text message from you local Indian may not be from them as you may think.

There are tools that you can use when you travel and apps that can be downloaded that will lock your phone if you loose it, and other to secure files that need to be. Also be aware of personal secure as devices can and will be stolen give a chance.  

Wifi and Blue tooth can be easily picked up as I have noticed while I was walking my dog I was able to access several network on my phone, this is known as a drive by and was commonly used by government bodies when sniffing and eavesdrops on criminals etc.