Goodbye to XP

With the end of Microsoft support for Windows XP, it is the time to move. There are lots of reasons to Upgrade and it would be best to move to windows 7 or 8, hardware permitting.

Here are just 3 reasons 

Pt. 1 Security.

With all the patches over the 12 years of windows Xp, Windows 7 /8 have those all in place now and also enhanced the security of its Operating systems. The threats today are very different to what Windows Xp had to contend with, and the present threats are very complex and the people are now very different (hackers/thieves/companies/governments) are more developed and well equipped to exploit WinXP.

Pt. 2. Hardware.

The time has passed and 12 years on the technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, WI Max, mobile broadband. USB 2.0 and 3.0. Windows Xp does not have the features people today expect and used today. The user experience is important and windows 7 and 8 have help to improve it for the users including touch screen and faster processors and that is for laptops to servers.

Pt. 3. People and Places.

In the years since the introduction of windows XP people and places have progressed to using windows 7 or 8 as the main OS for the personal computers. So when going to work and finding their company Operating System is 12 yr. old and in some cases older than their kids and grandkids the morale of a work force is bound to be affected and reduce productivity and compatibility with more recent software issues.  Also the windows Xp will not have the same features to be able to work with more recent browsers like Internet Explorer 10 or Google chrome which are designed to help enhance the user experience.


So long and thanks for the experience.
Windows Xp was in its time a very good and stable operating system, but like all of us we age and the experience and knowledge we pass down to our kids to in some places kids have never used Windows Xp so did not have the privilege and pleasure, including the odd nightmare of using windows Xp.

So let us say a fond farewell to an old friend. 

Goodbye Windows Xp